A New Year, A New Etsy Shop

After spending all of 2013’s fall and winter brainstorming ideas, stalking pinterest boards and reading about trends, I came up with 3 different nursery watercolor collections.  All of the paintings can be found here:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhiteRuffleNursery  The Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection is available now and later in the year I will be releasing Fall/ Winter 2014 Collections!

The bedtime collection is a more understated and calming set of paintings intended to create and add a sense of peace to your baby’s room.  You can see my related pinterest board here!  http://www.pinterest.com/christipowers/nursery-watercolors-bedtime-collection/

The blush collection is more feminine and sweet.  These paintings are perfect for a cream/ off white or white room, rooms with light yellow, green or pink.  And the pinterest board shows some great nursery decor ideas- http://www.pinterest.com/christipowers/nursery-watercolors-blush-collection/

The brights collection is a little more whimsical and joyful.  Alphabets and a custom name painting can either add a pop of color to a neutral room or complement a colorful and fun nursery theme.   Some great nurseries that would be perfect for this collection are visible here http://www.pinterest.com/christipowers/nursery-watercolors-brights-collection/

I hope you enjoy! xx Christinna


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