Nursery Walls “Olive Branch”

Pottery Barn Kids’ Spring/ Summer 2014 “White Willow, Swimming and Spa” are great wall paints to complement my “Olive Branch” Custom Name Watercolor Painting, from the Brights Collection . Benjamin Moore’s 2014 Collection of greens and earthy neutrals like “Van Alen Green, Palladian Blue, Caribbean Teal and Elemental” also pull out the green, blue and brown watercolors.

“How Color Affects Your Baby” by Project Nursery:

Green – Calming, Refreshing, Nurturing – Green is the best color to use in a learning environment. It promotes calmness of thinking and concentration. It is also very serene, calming and natural. Green is one of the best colors in decorating because it is so abundant in nature—you can’t go wrong!

Blue – Healing, Subtle – Blue is calming, but be careful with the shade. Gray-blues can lean towards sadness. Blue increases productivity, but should not be used around food. If you have a child who refuses to eat, avoid blue plates! In the nursery, use warm or bright blues and avoid overusing navy or dark shades. Blue is also cooling, which is good for a baby who gets warm easily.


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