Moving to San Francisco

I’ve decided to do a series on local San Francisco baby boutiques, in honour of my upcoming move to the Bay Area.  Each day I’ll feature a new boutique in the area with details on what they offer, what makes them unique and my favourite picks.  See the first in the series below.

Hope you enjoy!

xx Christinna


Located in the chic Union Street Shopping District, sits an organic and all natural baby boutique called Sprout.  At Sprout they sell books, furniture, bedding, nursery decor, baby clothing and toys.   In addition, they have a unique collection of gifts and many products for expecting and new moms.   In San Francisco they also have unique and fun events like Daddy diapering classes,  Brunch registries, Storybook readings and Tutu dancing classes.  (415) 359-9205

1828 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94123

1. Custom Name Train Letters, Contact For Price

2. Farm Buddies, Bell the Cow, $15

3. A to Z Storage Bin, $36

4. Pink Elephant Clock, $50



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