Summer Maternity Fashion Picks

Pastels is one of 10 trends identified from the Spring/ Summer 2014 runways.  Here are some great wardrobe additions from maternity brands I love like Hatch, Loft Maternity and Isabella Oliver.  One special note, Hatch clothing is made for women before, during and after pregnancy so you can keep those beautiful pieces in your closet well after those days of showing off your pregnancy glow.


1. The Bari Satchel, $319 / 2. Sara Double Bow Fedora, $49.50 / 3. Maternity Eyelet Sleeve Tee, 59.50 / 4. Beach Bag Keychain, $48 / 5. Ruched T Shirt Maternity Dress, $159 / 6. V Neck Jumpsuit, $298 / 7. Sophia Studs in Ballerina, $34 / 8. Maren Cross-strap Sandals, $110 / 9. Snakeskin Leather Ballet Flats, $26.99 / 10. The Pull-Over, $178


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