Newborn Vaccinations- A Yes or No?

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Vaccinations have been a heated issue among expecting mothers in recent years.  With all of the different claims being thrown out there and such strong stances how can you be sure you are making the right decision?  Some people believe that vaccinations are the cause for childhood allergies, autism, and even obesity.  On the other hand, a correlation has been shown between lower rates of vaccination in the U.S. and higher rates of childhood preventable diseases.

In social media I’ve noticed many mothers or soon to be mothers, pushing their own views on friends and family, with great controversy.  In my opinion, the best thing to do is to provide both sides of the story and let individuals make informed decisions themselves.  Here are some articles and statistics both for pro-vaccination and anti-vaccination, so you can see the big picture instead of being influenced by others.

Pro-Vaccinations Stance:

Vaccinate Your Baby   /   Voices For Vaccines   /   10 Vaccine Myths

Anti-Vaccinations Stance: 

Six Reasons to Say No to Vaccinations   /   Vaccines Cause Autism   /   Childhood Vaccines Linked to Allergies