White Ruffle Nursery Featured in MAM


I’m excited to share that my Whimsical Alphabet Watercolor was featured today on MAM– an inspiring lifestyle blog featuring weddings and events, based in Southern California.  

Matiana’s amazing style and love for life is evident from her fun take on events and unique, homemade details.  Following her blog is a great way to gain new ideas for planning an event, and if you’re looking for an event planner in sunny So Cal, be sure to check out her gallery

Here are some pictures from a recent MAM wedding below:




xx Christinna



Baby Naming Trends for 2014


Nameberry, the baby naming authority, recently wrote an article featured in the Huffington Post providing 12 top predictions for baby names in 2014.  Some are very traditional names while others are a definite walk on the wild side!  Here they are.

1) Eccentric Ancestors– Edna, Percy and Wilhelmina

2) Boys’ names for girls’ middle names– Laura James, Lucy Thomas, Alice Ryan

3) Spices for Girls– Clove, Coriander, Saffron, Rosemary, Poppy, Juniper

4) Pope Francis I Inspired– Francis, Francesca, Frances, Francesco

5) Virtues for Boys– Justice, Noble, Valour, Honour

6) Names that start with C– Cassia, Clementine, Clara, Cora

7) Greek Influence– Persephone, Evangeline, Cyrus, Theodora

8) Boys’ names that end in N– Owen, Camden, Bryson, Ayden

9) Traditional royal names– George, Katherine, Arthur, Henry

10) Crazy celebrity picks– North West

11) Baby Boomer Names– Violet, Gary, Paul, Mary

12) Historic Heroes– Huckleberry, Scarlett, Lincoln


My Floral Garland Watercolor Custom Name Painting available here.



My Olive Branch Watercolor Custom Name Painting available here.